B2B, Dunkin Donuts Menu Program

B2B, Dunkin Donuts Menu Program


Job Description

Virtual Team Player, working with your Local Area Service Rep to produce and Sell print advertisement for our Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins full color, tri-fold Catering Menu (see image below, imagine it folded x3, with "Catering Menu" being your front page and Ice Cream Cakes becoming the back page)

Selling 9 advertising spots to local area businesses, to be featured with a 2"x4" banner ad on the Menu. One Menu is produced for each location x2 a year.

Focusing on local businesses and exclusive ads per Menu (1 Realtor, 1 Lawyer, ect...) It's about the quality as well as quantity of the calls. Building rapport to make connections for their future advertising dollars. Using a spread sheet of your choice, collecting data, i.e. names, email addresses, interest level ect.. Menu is re-produced x2 a year, generating repeat customers and client list for future printing.

Easy Sell Features: Menu Coupons for coffee, donuts, cakes and catering discounts, some Advertiser Coupons. Most Menus are inserted in Local Newspapers for high distribution rate, passed out to drive-thru customers, placed at local Chamber of Commerce, clients place of business.
Top notch Graphics Dept. for creating Art/Adwork at no extra charge.
Ads sell for flat rate of $399, commissions start at $100 per ad sold.

Long term potential, creating relationships w clients from town to town,
and location to location Nationwide.

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