Sales Manager

Sales Manager


Job Description

We are looking for someone who has some good experience in closing high volume of sales in selling computers/laptops/tablets etc. What this means is that you will have to access the market and find out clients who will need these products.

What we look for in the sales manager are:
- Bachelors degree
- 10-15 years of experience in closing sales of no more than 100k a month. Exceptions given to others.
- Have helped small businesses get sales in one year
- Have hired and built a sales force that closed sales fast
- Must help our company close as much sales as possible

The benefits for this job:
- Starting base - $250. Will increase based on sales.
- Commission - 25% of added sales
- Medical benefits include 100% paid dental and other health care expenses
- Life Insurance policy
- Paid car after 1 year on the job
- Paid house after 1 year on the job
- 6 weeks all expense paid vacation
and many others..

If you feel, you are qualified for this job, let us know right away.