.NET Application Development for Enterprise Software


Job Description

I’m looking for a .NET application development manager/architect/developer/engineer or company to manage the development of an enterprise-class data driven web application. (If you are an individual you will need to help build a team of developers or develop the application yourself. If you are company with a team you must be willing to work with outside developers I choose.)

The system you will be building will be at its heart an order management and workflow management web application. It will be used by thousands of simultaneous users and must never go down (except for scheduled maintenance.) The first major deliverable will be a UML class diagram of the entire data layer containing what is required for the first release. The data layer will be POCO based. We will use all of the latest and most OOP technologies and approaches.

This will be a very challenging (and exciting) project.

Required Experience
• Coded enterprise software in the past (You were a coder)
o Workflow/project management software preferred
o Complex order management software preferred
• Architected enterprise software in the past (Determined how the software works at all levels including data layer, business layer, presentation layer).
• Built software that utilized all of the industry best practices for upgradability, extensibility, flexibility and stability.
• Managed a team of developers
• Hired/Fired developers
• Able to find solutions to complex coding problems (either you came up with the solution or found someone who did)
• Microsoft Certified Developer
o MCSD Solutions Developer
 MCSD Web Applications
 MCSD Application Lifecycle Management (preferred)
 Microsoft Gold Application Development (preferred)
 Microsoft Gold Application Lifecycle Management (preferred)
• You are familiar with almost everything in the book “Microsoft .Net: Architecting Applications for the Enterprises” by Dino Esposito (and you use these methods or know of better or newer methods that you utilize)
• Coded or managed the coding of
o Data Model
o Business logic layer
o Presentation layer
• Worked with Visual Studio Ultimate
• Utilized testing methodologies (Unit tests, etc.)
• Designed secure software
• Created accurate cost estimates for large development projects

Required before awarding project
• Code samples of your work
• Functioning examples of your work
• List of all technologies you expect to use
• Phone interview
• Signed NDA (also required before project awarded)

Project Requirements
• Manage the coding and/or code the system
• Make architectural decisions
• You must read or have read the following books
o “Enterprise Patterns and MDA: Building Better Software with Archetype Patterns and UML” by Jim Arlow & Ila Neustadt
o Microsoft .Net: Architecting Applications for the Enterprises by Dino Esposito
• Work in my code repository and use my Team Foundation Server
• Keep me informed on what code is written, why it was architected that way and let me review the code
• Utilize SOA or other acceptable service based methodology

What to quote:
1. (Quote needed now) Provide a quote for developing the UML diagram (in Visual Studio Ultimate) containing approximately 100 POCOs for an enterprise level system that will include users, roles, responsibilities, orders, inventory, product catalog, products (discreet products like writing an article and time-based products like consulting), capacity management (make sure tasks assigned to a user are not more than they can handle in the given timeframe), user profiles, payment management, cash on account, order process workflow, etc. Functionality must be robust including override capabilities for rules. You do not have to quote the time to create the functionality just the POCO UML (attributes and method names). If you expect to hire another developer to assist you with this then include your time and the cost of any other developers.
2. (Quote after I provide more details) I will be asking for another quote from you regarding developing the entire ready to deploy system (including your labor and those of any developers we need to hire). When we talk I will clarify.
3. (Quote after I provide more details) I will also be asking you for a quote regarding finding a solution for providing specific functionality of the software that is challenging.

Additional Points:
• Let me know if you have ever taken an equity position in company’s you have developed software for
• Let me know if you have ever helped get software patented
• Let me know if you already have UML diagrams, working code, frameworks, etc. that provide some of the required functionality mentioned here. Which?

For an easier to read version of this project description see the attached Word doc.

Looking forward to your bid.

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