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We are delivering a Certificate 1V In Small Business Management Course in Australia. This is an Australian Government Accredited Program.

We currently have a number of "Modules" that need to be edited, as they are already written, however some of them are more "general" in their nature.

What we need is somebody who can edit these documents and make them specific to Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals Who Run Bootcamps and Also PT Studio's and Larger Establishments (Like Crossfit Boxes and larger Gyms Like Fitness First)

I have attached a sample of one of the documents which is 26 pages long and is on "OH & S" Occupational Health and Safety.

When you read it, you will see that there is plenty of great information and content in there, and much of that is REQUIRED learning for the people that undertake our course. However, you will alos read some information that I would consider to be irrelevant, including things like page 19 which taliks about "surviving a robbery" which I would consider to be a low threat as a Personal Trainer.

Instead, I would suggest having some more "PT industry specific" content in there that could be a risk for Personal Trainers, for example;

1 - running outdoor bootcamps and being aware of ground surfaces, (eg not running up a hill or down if it is wet and slippery
2 - having clients perform exercises like "box jumps" where there is danger of them having an accident, and taking progressive steps to make sure they are able to perform such activities
3 - considering that all equipment is tested and not a potential safety risk
4 - how to pick up heavy objects (dumbells, kettlebells etc) with good posture
5 - having signage that warns people to do things like put their weights back

so, really we need this document more "tailored" to the fitness industry

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