Children Book App developer IPad & Android

Children Book App developer IPad & Android


Job Description

I am in need of a Children Book App developer to create an Interactive Children Book App for IPAD and Android, and require some animations be created using existing vector characters. The vector characters have independent body parts for animating. I would like the children book app to have the option to enable and disable the read aloud, or read to myself narration story option. I need 17 basic character animations activated upon touch, which involve simple movements like hand moves up and down, tail swings up and down, or left to right. Simple character walking across the screen, left to right or right to left, Bees flying. All the characters are already drawn in PNG vector format and the background images are already drawn. The narrated audio of story will be provided. I would like the option to allow the children to Record your own voice feature on some of the pages. I would like a section for special options like coloring images and a maze game created.  I have listed below what has been created and what we would like done to complete the Interactive Children Book app below.

What is already created:
The Story line is already written
The Story Board is already made
The Background Vector Images are already drawn, created
The Main Characters, Elements are already drawn, created as vectors and their body parts are separated to help with animation
The Book App Icons for IPAD, Android etc, are already created

What is required:

App Narration: Read Aloud, Read to myself,
App feature; Record your own voice feature on some pages 
Animation activated upon touch:
Animation : turtle walks across the screen 
Animation : monkey jumps down from tree and frigthes turtle in the forest. 
Animation : monkey talking to turtle
Animation : Monkey pointing to the bee hive in the tree with the honey.
Animation : monkey shows turtle a piece of wood on the forest floor.
Animation : turtle points to the bees
Animation : turtle crawls up inside his shell with his head sticking out of his shell.  
Animation : turtle pointing to the forest while monkey is standing watching where he is pointing.
Animation : monkey shakes turtle hand.
Animation : Monkey hanging from a tree branch hits the Bee Hive with a piece of wood, bee hive falls to ground and breaks open.
Animation : broken bee hive, turtle, and angry bees
Animation : Forest Floor with scared turtle, broken bee hive oozing shiny honey, with angry bees coming out
Animation : Angry bees flying among the forest trees, monkeys tail sticking out of the bushes
Animation : turtle, bee hive. Another picture of turtle eatig honey with honey dripping from his mouth.
Animation : angry bees hovering above, monkey with red bumps from bee stings on his head. Monkey in bed with bumps on his head
Animation : monkey in the forest bushes, screaming from the bee stings, bees hovering above monkey head. Animation showing pain or screams
Animation : turtle eating honey from bee hive, talking to sad monkey swaying in his bed
Color Image Section: Turtle
Color Image Section: Monkey
Color Image Section: Bee hive 
Color Image Section: Angry Bees
Small Maze Game: Monkey runs through maze to escape being stung by the bees