FPGA based PCB Layout & 3D Rendering

FPGA based PCB Layout & 3D Rendering


Job Description

I am looking for someone with extensive expertise in creating PCB layouts for designs utilizing FPGAs (Xilinx Spartan 6 series to be specific). I would like to create a 6 layer layout for an FPGA based design that utilizes approx. 50 different components including the FPGA processor itself. Using these 50 different components, there are approx. 450 placements collectively on the entire design. Approx. 375 of these 450 placements are for SMT caps and resistors. As a part of this project, I would like the freelancer to generate a 3D model as well. The freelancer will be required to work closely with me as to the general layout of the components. The freelancer might also have to spec out a few new parts if the design requires. Upon successful completion, the following will be the deliverables:

1. The layout and the original project files with database, BOM, and other supplementary files
2. Validation of the layout
3. 3D model of the layout
4. 2D outputs of the layout

Happy bidding!