Business automation consultant

Business automation consultant


Job Description

I have a very fast growing business.... and with that comes a problem of not being able to implement enough changes, fast enough.

I'm looking for a consultant who is very familiar with The Four Hour Work Week. I implement many of Tim's suggestions, but on top of that I want someone who can help me develop and implement automation systems.

Currently I use:
- Nutshell CRM, as my sales management tool.
- Zendesk as our support center.
- Quickbooks online for payment process

I use to integrate all of these services quickly and effectively.

What I need is help setting up an online ordering process and implementing the strategy. I need someone who can help setup the forms, test, and do quality assurance. With this type of restructuring, and determining the fastest way to implement automated reporting, we should be able to increase my business by 100x.

I have the sales ability to sell new accounts aggressively, and the marketing knowledge to develop incredibly fast paced and successful marketing campaigns online. My current clients include some world wide home brands, major universities, and other national USA based institutions.

I'm interested in paying hourly for this project, and I am also willing to pay a percentage of the profit increase if you are 100% confident and have a track record of developing scalable business systems that we can roll out aggressively.

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