Trap shooting App

Trap shooting App


Job Description

We currently have a trap team in need of a ipad app. We need an ipad application to communicate with a mysql back end.

The following functionality/screens are needed

1) Login screen (connects to mysql)
2) Search screen (based on competitors results after login)
3) Search results
4) Individual competitor detailed profile screen ( administrator area/self edit)
5) load multiple competitors screen (to upload an excel spreadsheet of the competitors)
6) Station View (set location, set competitors, input hit/miss as shooters shoot)
7) Results view (show the current standings over time)
7a) Detailed results view(show station details over time)
8) Admin screen for #4 & #5
7) View Existing Booking/Reservation Screen
8) View Rewards Screen (Point balance)

When applying please submit rate and expected time necessary to create and deliver the application.

Programmer needs to use a mysql db to create the tables so that I can use this data in a later project. I am a developer myself so I understand what is required and the quickest path to the desired result.

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