Bar Code Scanner Database and SMS CRM


Job Description

Project: Bar Code Software DataBase for Promoters.

I want individual promoters ( guys on street) that hand out discount flyers to my show to be organized on the amount of people he recruited. When the flyer comes in it has a bar code on it. The ticket taker scans the flyer and that information is uploaded to the database.

Each Bar Code can be assigned a promoter.
Info held in database as to how many people that promoter brought into the show.
Each time a promoter gets a customers using a discounted ticket he is rewarded $10.00 or $5.00 something like that. The scanner uploads the info in the database.
The software gives totals on the amount of people come in.
We assign a name to the bard code.
We could setup an sms service to text the promoter that one of his customers came into the show. So he knows he is getting rewarded. Do this later or outsource it.
The Bar Code will be printed on individual flyers or business cards

Skills: cache-database

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