Mechanical Engineer needed for idea (potential to be business partner)

Mechanical Engineer needed for idea (potential to be business partner)


Job Description

Hey all,

To all mechanical engineers out there, I have an existing idea that needs to be improved so it can be marketed to the construction industry and I need your technical expertise to make it happen!
We will be taking the existing blueprint/design of a tool and working on improving with the collaboration with a certain tool.

We will be re inventing this tool with the help of our 3d printer.

Depending on how well this goes, there might be a chance of partnership. So what's in it for you if we partner?

1) NO money is needed to become a partner, I will be investing the money. If you have time and knowledge and want to be part of this future profit, then this is for you
2) Potential % of revenue for the first few months. If our tool can be implemented in the commercial stage, I will share a chunk of my profit with you.
3) OR we can discuss a consulting fee once succeed + another HUGE bonus if our product makes it into a market

Looking for candidate who :
1) Has great knowledge of the mechanics field ( construction, automotive, mechanics tool)
2) Has entrepreneur / open mindset ( thinks out of box? )
3) Has knowledge in CAD/3d print design
4) Has successfully managed previous engineering projects, showing a portfolio or lists of successful projects would be an asset.
5) Has experience with designing/working with construction commercial tools ( will have great advantage as it relates to our idea)

Thanks lets talk soon.