[Simple Wordpress Job] Convert Mp3 Player into WP Plugin

[Simple Wordpress Job] Convert Mp3 Player into WP Plugin


Job Description

Hi, we have a simple project for you. We have JPlayer:


And we need to converted to a Wordpress Plugin. It should be a simple task as we already have the majority of the code, we have the gui skin, and options. All you have to do is the programming :) .

Details: This plugin must run fast, efficiently. It will be working with the woocommerce platform, so this plugin MUST responsive (meaning it works and sizable on iphone, ipads, mobile devices, desktops, and laptops).

Deadline: This plugin should not take much of your time. We project 3-5 days at most, or only few hours if you are an expert in wordpress.

Interested? Send us a application of similar work you have done, your contact information, and the words "JPlayer" at the beginning of your applicant. We will only review candidates who perform the requirements above.

This should be an exciting project! We are open to creative and new ideas, so let's get started!!!

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