Customer experience manager


Job Description


Are you Enthusiastic, Reliable, highly Organized, and do you enjoy helping people?

If so you could be my next Customer Experience Manager!

What is a Customer Experience Manager? 

Within my business a Customer Experience Manager is the vital link between the background cogs and the customers themselves.

Think of yourself as the tour guide that ensures the customer has the most comfortable and worthwhile experience possible.

A Customer Experience Manager is responsible for getting to know our customers personally and making sure they enjoy their experience of FitMums UK as much as possible.

So as the tour guide through my program you will need to know exactly how the prgram is structured and why we do the things I do. But above all keep in mind that are no.1 aim is to make the customer happy.

I want you to have fun in the process because work doesn’t have to be boring. If you genuinely enjoy helping people this will come across in your manner and will add to the customers experience.

Essentially you will be responsible for making sure our customers have everything they need:

1. Before starting the program (materials)
2. During the program
3. And finding out their views of the program once it has finished

I have a set system I use to ensure my customers receive a standardised version of the program every time. You will be responsible for the maintenance and streamlining of this system.

I currently need part-time help for a few hours a week. This position has the opportunity to lead to additional hours and days.

Duties include, but are not limited to…

Occasional phone calls
Maintaining social media updates (by sourcing articles and hootsuiting the schedule)
Posting my blogs to ezine sites
Customer feedback surveys
Formatting my letters
Emailing out product materials
Sourcing healthy recipes
Formatting documents including eating plans
Uploading our blog posts to ezine sites
Throwing marketing suggestions into the mix
Re-posting our ads on sites like gumtree 2-3 times per week
Preparing and sending out weekly customer eating plans and shopping lists
telephone to keep clients supplements topped up
Asking my clients for referrals
sending out legal forms

Personal qualities you must have:

Ideally I would like you to be a mother as you will have a greater empathy for my customer base than a non-mother. This will also mean that the WHY behind our systems and actions will be more obvious and clear to you than a non-mother.

This will also mean you are able to create new systems/ideas from a mothers view-point.

Does this sound like you:

Do you have children?
Have you experienced the challenges in bringing up children?
An interest in health, fitness & nutrition?
Genuinely love to help others and improve their lives?
Good at asking questions to uncover needs?
Sympathetic to other peoples situations?
Good at working in a systematic manner when required but flexible enough to be able to think outside of the box and spot opportunities for improvement in systems
Able to look at the bigger picture at all times
Love to learn new things all the time
Super organised and able to work on own initiative
Enjoy social media interaction
Have a natural curiosity about people and what makes them tick
Enjoy contributing to solutions rather than just asking for help
Good telephone manner - able to build rapport quickly whilst always having the calls objective in mind

If the above sounds like you then FitMums UK could be looking for you!

FitMums UK is a fast growing UK fitness business dedicated to helping mothers achieve their health and fitness goals and engage in a healthy new LIFEstyle. We are about making permanent long-term changes for individuals, not just the next quick fix.

We are currently looking for Customer experience agents in part-time positions. At present I will just need your services for a few hours per week between Mon-Fri. But as things grow these hours will increase and your duties will grow.

Can you answer the following questions please?

1) What relevant experience you may possess relating to this position.

2) What is it about helping others that you enjoy?

3) Describe any similar projects you may have worked on and what your main duties were?

4) What is 11 x 643?

5) How often do you use social media, and which ones?

6) What do you see as your best quality?

7) What is your main goal in life?

8) Describe a situation where you have been left to your own initiative, and what you did?

9) Describe the last thing you did that really helped improve another individuals life?

Skills: typing, email-support