Senior Development Ops Engineer


Job Description

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Job: Senior Development Ops Engineer
Salary: $15 per hour

Our mission is to make small businesses look great. We designed our company to eliminate the hassles and uncertainty of traditional logo design, allowing small businesses access to professional graphic design services at affordable prices.

Job Description
Senior DevOps engineer to manage our technology stack: linux, real and virtual servers, databases, cloud providers, security issues, and more. Though you will be the boss when it comes to everything tech, you must work well in a highly collaborative environment with talent ranging from graphic designers to the company’s sales and customer support staff.

• Expertise: Operating Systems, Cloud computing platform
• Familiarity: various software’s
• Ability to use DevOps methodologies to facilitate: agile software development, frequent releases, and quality assurance automation.
• Practical use of modern web frameworks
• 5 years of network, server, and database experience
• 5 years of experience supporting web site architecture (JSP)
• Experience using version control systems (Git). Understanding of branching, merging, and deployment in to production systems.
• BS in Computer Science, related degree, or equivalent experience
About You
• Smart, but modest
• Disciplined self-starter, dependable and willing to go the extra mile to deliver great results
• Ability to interact effectively, confidently and credibly with peers and senior team members across the company
• Curious and interested in understanding how existing functionality fits together

Skills: design, linux, agile, science