Basic Calorie Counter

Basic Calorie Counter


Job Description

I am looking for a programmer that can finish a project in very little time to a low cost. This project is a simple iOS app with a very limited ammount of features.

First of, the app will be built around the allready existing iOS interface, all availible in xCode (all except a graph that needs to be custom I believe)
Everytime the user opens the app he/she is taken to a page where the user can chose a number through a big scroll wheel (think of the built in timer in iOS) followed by an "ADD" and "Skip"-button. The data should be saved locally.

Once that is done the user is taken to the next page that presents the data as two graphs, one for the past 24 hours (hour by hour intake of calories) and one for the past month daily intake of calories.

There should be a settings function to access at the bottom of the app (the bottom of the app should be split into three buttons; Graph, Add (to add more data) and Settings. In the settings the user gets to chose if he/she wants notifications, reminding them at an interval with a pre-written message.There should also be a setting where the user can type in a daily target calorie count. This should trigger a notification at the end of the day if the user has not yet met the target.

That´s it, nothing more than this.