Securing our Vbulletin 4.x from hacks

Securing our Vbulletin 4.x from hacks


Job Description


I recently got my forums hacked by some hacker who uses SQL injects from few vulnerable files and he actually gets the ability to add a php file which is a backdoor and using that file he controls my whole website and can steal database stuff like passwords..etc

I have deleted my forums folder from my FTP, but I have a backup of it. It is version 4.x not sure what exactly. We still have the database and everything so I can just upload the files back and the forums will be working perfectly.

I'm looking for someone who can secure my files with a pure gurantee that my forums are 100% secure. I don't want someone who is not capable of fixing all security problems 100%. There will be some tests made after the job is completed by some serious ethicial hacker I will hire. IF ALL TESTS ARE PASSED A BONUS OF $100.00 will be given out.

I'm a trusted dealer with Odesk, worked with over $20,000

We have to keep the same database and everthing, nothing is going to be uninstalled. They must be fixed. Let me know your taughts.