Write a code comparison example for Lasso on RosettaCode.org

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Check out the following site;


All you need to do is identify a task that is incomplete or has not yet been written in Lasso (especially one that has already been written in a language you know), on this list;


And then apply it in the Wiki under your own username. Then SEND me a list of links of examples you have done, and I will pay you for them.

NOTE: IF you agree to doing this, you are doing it under work-for-hire for me, and I get to claim I hired you to post the example.

If you do TEN of these (ten different first examples in Lasso - not improvements), I will pay you $20 - but I get credit for your work. I will hire as many people who are interested as do the work (there are only 692 examples).

If you need help in Lasso, you can get it here;


There are some pretty easy ones there! The first ones to do it will make easy money! (As in, one line of code).