Job Description

About the company
I am an individual that is developing my company.

Job description
Herewith you can find :
1. 3 pdf. That is the advertising document of my competitor I want to adapt it to my company.
2. A powerpoint that is a start for the adaptation. You have to use my text and my photos
3. The photos to include in the final documentation.
Starting from the pdf and the powerpoint , you will create a vector file that should meet the following requirements:

Remove the useless elements :
1. from the logo of my competitor
2. the ladybird and the leaf
Include the logo of my company
Keep in mind we want to have beautiful images. We want to increase our reputation thanks to this document

Final File

The supported file must be in eps
All supported files must be handed over, including .jpg and .pdf, and .eps.
The files must have 3 pages
2 pages size A4
1 page Size A3
Contractor requirements
The contractor should have the following skills:
1. Strong previous experience in online image design
2. Ability to think creatively and suggest designs and to be able to defend those designs

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. Your process of converting requirements into pictures designs
2. Some initial ideas on designs for this project

In addition, please submit a portfolio of your previous work. Please describe what each design meant to accomplish.

Open Attachment