ecommerce programmer (your preferred language)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

You will be using the Hubsoft Web API built by Emerald Code to create eCommerce websites in your preferred language and style of coding for the Hubsoft platform. The API has REST and a JavaScript to make this much easier than your typical ecommerce website since no database will be required or understanding of the backend ecommerce website.

We have full source examples for you to work from static HTML to ASP.NET backends for SEO. The website code on the server is extremely simple as its only pulling in a REST feed and caching it for SEO purposes. The JavaScript API alone can do a full ecommerce website but SEO is needed so server-side is needed but its very light and simple to do.

What will be required in addition is to take designs given to you from photoshop or picked from a theme design company such as ThemeForest or Monster Templates and fit them into the website.

Strong JavaScript skills and understanding closures is highly desired.

Capable and timely contractors / companies will be rewarded with repeat business.

At first, will be hourly and closely monitored. After that point you can negotiate to do fixed bids where the price is over what you would be paid hourly since fixed is desired for simplicity of billing.

We are also opening up to the Netsuite platform as well.