Ready to be our next $100,000 sales person?


Job Description

Before you dive into this. Stop for a second. Imagine. How would you feel working at a company that is aiming to become the of the mobile market, working with founders that have experience with companies such as Dreamworks and Lucasfilm, who want to build the next great company built on culture in the vain of Zappos, Google, and Mindvalley?

We believe there are 2 key things in determining a successful sales person:

Reliability. Just following through with partners and deadlines.

Attitude. Coming to problems with suggestions / solutions instead of just whining. Having a great outlook on things.

We are looking to create a team of $100k sales people for our team.

So you are at your next dinner party and a hot sexy person asks, “tell me about yourself.”

Flexible. Not Romanian gymnast flexible but enough that you can roll with requests and changes that happen frequently when working with clients.

Persistent. Ideally not the annoying type! You don’t let things slip and make sure to follow up on all things. Bonus points if you already use,

Bored. Doing a job today that you are not challenged with, sales are a drag or you see all these stories about people making loads of money and want to do something about it.

Why would you want to be a part of Agency 11.11? Good question!

Key things about working at Agency 11.11:

Grow. Learn advanced selling techniques and get the chance to make a name for yourself.

Freedom. Remember when you were a kid and had freedom? You got to explore, play and learn the things that excited you. That’s how we feel. Note: Most of this job posting was written at home while in my pajamas.

Metric decisions. You know that guy you worked with who said, “I feel we should do this.” We don’t do that. Yes, we have feelings, but almost all decisions are by objective facts (ie. data).

Weekly check-ins happen where you say what you are going to do for the week. We have set goals that you decide and execute.

Hustle. Everyday

Bonus time! Books you may like if you worked at Agency 11.11

Maverick by Semler
Ultimate Sales Machine by Holmes
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey

So, what is the difference between a $100,000 sales person and someone else?

Applying to join us!

If you are interested please reply pitching Drew Ciora, owner of Lockharts BBQ ( on why his restaurant needs a mobile app.

Ps. Great writing is one of the best indicators of how good you’ll be at sales.

Pps. Whilst the hourly wage will not be significant, applicants with vision will see the true earning potential of this role with the bonuses that are on offer for closed sales.

Skills: communication-skills, mobile-application-development