Discuss Web Development Strategy

Discuss Web Development Strategy


Job Description

Do not respond with how good you and your company are or how many qualifications are.

Respond directly to the following points in this job posting.

Siteley is a web development and IT support business based in Australia.

We are growing our web development side of the business and need some key strategic advise on how to achieve high quality and efficient outcomes from our contractors.

The product we are selling is a display website for small to medium businesses, consisting of between 3 to 6 pages.

Every website produced must be:
- Mobile responsive design
- Retina graphics optimised
- Built as a Wordpress theme
- Search engine optimised

We expect a very high degree of quality in the production of these websites with high attention to detail.

We expect the following:
- Cross browser and platform compatibility
- Close to pixel perfect accuracy from original design
- Quick and clear communication from contractors
- Adherence to deadlines of approximately 2 to 4 weeks per site

To achieve this we need an efficient process to guarantee high quality outcomes for our clients.

This means we need advice on how to manage our workflow. Which tools and technologies to use to achieve these goals.

To be clear, we will be paying for consultation and knowledge sharing, not to produce an actual website at this point in time.

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