User test application - create a video of two users

User test application - create a video of two users


Job Description

This is NOT a QA job.

Film a friend and yourself using mobile app available on the iPhone app store ("Boorgle") or Android app store, describe in English what you are seeing.

1) Two smartphones: either iPhone 4/4S/5 or Android 4+
2) One camera/smartphone to film the two smartphones

In a quiet place, set up two smartphones on a table so you can easily interact with it but not move it. Set up a camera to film both smartphones at the same time make sure the camera is stable and doesn't move.

Once you're done filming upload the videos to YouTube in *private* mode and share them with me.

The scenario to shoot:
"Your friend recommended that you check out this app."

Follow the tasks below while shooting the video:
1) Download the app from the app store - "Boorgle"
2) Sign up
3) Browse the app and describe what you think is the purpose of each screen and what will show up in each of them. What will be your first action?
4) Invite your friend
5) Add your friend to your contacts

After filming the scenario above, answer (inside the video) the below questions:
1) What is the purpose of this app? What does the app do?
2) In what everyday life scenarios one could use this app?
3) Are you using any other solution / service that you think is similar?
4) What concerns you may have? What do you think can be done to address those concerns?
5) What happened the moment you connected with your friend on Boorgle? Where is the information available?

When applying to this task, please write what is the sum of 3+4 in order to confirm that you are not a robot :)


Skills: video, youtube, english, film

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