iOS File Transfer Application using REST API

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


The objective of this task is to develop an iOS (iPhone/iPad) client application that will utilize our REST API to communicate requests with our file transfer server.

Required Skills

1. Heavy experience developing iOS applications.
2. Experience using REST API.
3. Experience with Java is a plus. Not necessary, but may help in understanding REST examples.
4. Experience with Android development a plus for future Android version of software to be developed.

Functional Requirements

This is a file transfer application. When user logs into the remote server they will be presented with a file manager similar to what you can expect when using any file transfer application. The

1. Ability to login/logout to/from file transfer server using REST API.
2. Ability to upload a file to server using REST API.
3. Ability to download a file from server using REST API.
4. Ability to rename file on server using REST API.
5. Ability to delete file on server using REST API.
6. Ability to list files in a directory on server using REST API.
7. Ability to share a file on server using REST API.
8. Ability to create a directory on server using REST API.
9. Ability to view downloaded files in common formats (pdf,doc,xls,png,jpg etc.)


1. Create a mock GUI of iOS application.
2. Implement GUI.
3. Test and help bundle application for distribution.