Copywriting for a EBook on Tax Resolution

Copywriting for a EBook on Tax Resolution


Job Description

I need someone'e help in ghostwriting an E-book for me that will be approximately 100-120 pages in length (50,000 words). The subject of the E-book is to serve as a guide for people who owe back taxes to the IRS and what their options are. The goal is for this to be a standalone resource for individuals who have tax problems and no basic knowledge of tax. The book will be marketed and sold directly to consumers.
The job will entail only writing the content for the E-book. No design experience is needed, as this will be handled by another contractor with design experience. This guide must be written as a practical resource to consumers who we can assume have no knowledge of tax resolution. The tone should be conversational and the book should be easy to read. In addition, I would like it sectioned into short chapters of 400-500 words each, so that I may possibly duplicate the content and use it for SEO purposes.
I am a practicing tax attorney and will assist you by outlining the book's content and offering some reference material. Perhaps most important are frequent citations to the internal revenue manual. I do not want citations to 3rd party sources that are not governmental or academic in nature. Although the tone of the book is light, I want it backed up by authority. Most citations will come from the Internal Revenue Manual and I don't anticipate many other outside citations.
No previous background in tax is required; however, the contractor must have excellent writing and research skills. A background as an English major or an experienced writer will be much preferred over someone with tax experience (I will be double checking all the tax stuff). The finish product must be of a professional quality. Someone with access to scholarly legal services (westlaw, lexis) would also be a bonus, but that's not required either. I have one resource that I can provide you in addition to the Internal Revenue Manual that will be of tremendous help.
Bid should include a revision or two of the draft according to my comments. I will also consider providing you with a writing credit along with an excellent reference for future projects.


P.S. Here's a good example of what I am looking for:

P.P.S. I have put bids as an hourly rate, but am operating under a budget. Please submit a cap for the project.

Skills: design, research, english