Simple Magento Store Redesign (Graphics experience necessary)

Simple Magento Store Redesign (Graphics experience necessary)


Job Description

I already have a working magento store, however it just needs to look nice. I already have the files, the concept and all you need to do is clean it up and make it look nice. I am looking to redesign my existing magento website (please remove 444).

In the attached document I have put together all the elements that I want to be present. I am not a graphic designer, so obviously it is your job to work with images and take my concept to the live site. My vision is top have a website look like a file I attached called mockup.bmp. I will buy all the necessary images from shutterstock. All the used images are listed in a file called files.png (including background, slider images, etc..). All images have corresponding Id's next to them so that it will be easier for you to find them on shutterstock. If you have existing account with shutterstock and can buy the images yourself, that's a huge plus. Otherwise it will cost me $49 to buy them.

You will need to work with a program that is able to extract some of the images and implement them into the layout.

Attention: Please put "online store redesign" in the top of the description. Failure to do so will tell me that you have not read up until this point and you bid will automatically be declined!

Most importantly everything needs to blend in and look very professional. In the mockup.bmp file I just gave you an idea of the elements that I want. Obviously, the design and the colors need to blend and have an overall seamless theme to it. For example big frame in the middle where the log will go obviously can't be brown becuase it does not blend. We need to make it maybe soft greenish to blend with leaves. So you will need to understand that. I am not looking for somebody to just slap it together. I need someone to make all these elements work together.

The slider will have 3 images listed in files.png. Featured products need to have a matching border around them. Shopping cart and other buttons obviously need to look nice not like the ones I have. Remember I just gave examples of the elements that I want. You need to work it into the theme.

I am also looking to get website very fast. Not sure why it is loading slow.

Also see attached file called elements.docx to get a further idea of what I am looking for. All the files are ziped in files. zip

I need to get this done fast....

Skills: design, graphics

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