Java Coding Test Assessor

Java Coding Test Assessor


Job Description

Our company has been staffing up a massive software center in Silicon Valley, part of that process is finding and assessing top quality candidates. We are looking for individuals to do remote grading of assessment tests administered by the our onsite testing team.

The focus is on the Java stack. We are looking for a seasoned Java development individuals to review coding test administered by our testing team. If you have experience with the latest java stack, specifically:

-Strong knowledge of OOD, software design patterns and principles
-Java 5/6 expert
-Strong knowledge of J2EE
-Strong JPA, JTA, JMS and Spring framework (MVC)
-Knowledge of SOA based development and Cloud computing
-Strong Web Service, XML technologies (SOAP, JAXB, WSDL, XML)
-Strong knowledge JUnit and Test Driven Development practices
-Experience with Oracle SQL

The position we job will be reviewing and scoring the candidates performance on the coding test. Your score will impact the decision of hiring of the individual. Your score will be randomly reviewed by very senior developers to ensure integrity of your scores.

You will be looking at if they attempted the solution. Does the solution run? If not, is the approach to the problem correct? Was the test cases built? Was the test logical and complete? Does the solution demonstrate advanced level or junior level problem solving?

There is four questions in the test that change once a quarter. So once you are used to the questions, the grading should be easy and straight forward 20 minutes, plus another 10 minutes of data entry. We are looking at 20-80 tests a week being graded right now.