Cashiering billing system

Cashiering billing system


Job Description

PS: Im increasing the bid to $1500 so please experienced freelancers only

The job is an automatic cashiering system for a taxi company.
I need a complete cashiering system which will be similar to this one Im attaching with this video:

-to be hosted online same as or in a dedicated server machine.
-Multi users can access in the same time.
-Automatic billing (recurring billing on a specific time) late fee to be applied after certain time
-Offers different leases for each driver (to be preset)
-corporate account invoicing.
-generate report on the highest balance for the drivers percentage on who pays on time ,late ..
-generate report based on each driver and day/week/year/from to.
-Generate report of each cashier
-Generate report of account handling...
-chart of accounts for voucher management.
-taxicab expense management. :create reminders when oil change is due and service history for each vehicle.
expenses for each cab

-option to export report as excel,pdf or email them.

control and set access to each person : admin full access supervisor some functionalities, cashier only collects and can view a limited history...
admin can track all activities and each changes made by which person....
.....I need same or everything this provides + what I have described.

Requirement to bid on a job:
Must have done a similar or a close job,
must complete a job to the end.
must provide support after job is delivered .
must be hosted online or in server.
Automatic backup set by week or day in case the system crashed.
%60 of thes functionalities i have them on an access database .so Im not looking to host ms access . maybe
Mush show samples of previous work done:videos screenshot..
Help to explain anything regarding this project will be provided upn request.