Ecommerce implementation of subscription based payment.

Ecommerce implementation of subscription based payment.


Job Description

We are running a website for more than two years and we provide accounting services. We are based in Pakistan. We need the contractor who can provide us the following services.

1. Our website is
2. We need an ecommerce system for our website. The system will have a membership portal for our customers and our customers can log into that portal. The portal will have the following information in it:

a. We are open to any type of ecommerce as long as the cost is feasible. But we prefer open source platform.
b. The merchant account will be provided by you, we will pay the cost for the setup of merchant account. (Valid support of the cost will be provided by you or you will provide us the source detail and we will arrange the same for you.)
c. Customer Details in which the customer can enter and update its information in the future as well.
d. We will do the recurring billing to our customer so every month service payment will be received in advance. The system will automatically charge the client at the month end or the one day behind from the last days charge exactly after 30 days.
e. As soon as the mount is charged. The invoice will be created and emailed to the customer and to our designated email that the client is charged. All the invoices available in the PDF downloadable format and customer can download the invoices all the time for all the periods whenever he/she need that.
f. If any amount is returned to the customer the document for chargeback is also created and need to be at the customer portal.
g. Option to stop the recurring payment whenever we instruct so not the customer.
h. Option to refund the money to the customer only available to us.
i. Automatic email need to be generated for steps wherever necessary.

Please note the above steps are our idea in connection to our platform. We are a growing firm and we highly encourage the other ideas, If you are an out of box thinker and provide us good suggestion. We will highly welcome your ideas and we will provide you an additional bonus as well.

Please provide us your best quote in this connection and ignore the budget. 15 % upfront payment will be made in this connection and the rest of the payment will be released as per the mutually agreed.

We are an equal opportunity employer. (Virtual Accountants & Consultants)