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ASSESSMENT BRIEF (2013-14) Module Title: Property Reuse Module Code: 5AT002 Component Number: Two Element 2 & 2 Weighting: 60% Learning Outcomes to be assessed: By successful completion of the module students will be able to show: Knowledge and understanding of: Technology - the ability to investigate and analyse design solutions, specify technical performance and construction methods 1. assess the condition of property (B5*) 2. Understand how to identify, assess and challenge client requirements (A1*) and subsequently use this information to develop briefs and test design solutions (A5*) with due regard for resources and environmental impact (A2*) 3. Use project management skills to control and evaluate design documentation (A7*) and control contract quality, progress and costs through to project handover (C3*) Business Enterprise: The enterprise/organisational framework relevant to the design function in collaboration with professional, ethical and legal responsibilities in a competitive market environment. Subject Specific Skills – Show ability to discuss including listening and receiving; be able to make a presentation, to read and to write * denotes identifier for CIAT Professional Body specific requirement Marking Criteria: Element 1 Description- Concept design- worth 40% of whole module Weighting % of Element grade Design 30% Technical drawings 40% Communication - Professional Presentation 30% Total 100% Element 2 Description- programme of structural works and costs- worth 20% of whole module Weighting % of Element grade Fact-finding & Analysis of defects, cause and remedies 30% Management of development project & Programme of works to be completed 30% Costs and justification 30% Communication, spelling, grammar, phraseology 10% Total 100% To pass the module you must achieve a minimum grade of 40% for each piece of assessment within a module and a minimum grade of 40% overall. Assignment handed out: Week one Latest date for submission: Week 12- 13/12/13, By 5pm The assignment must be handed in to Student Registry (MI024). Assignments submitted after the deadline and without an authorised extension of time will be marked F0. Please mark your assignment for the attention of: Colin Orr You should make it very clear what sources of information have been used; where material/information from these sources is quoted it must be clearly referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. of any work submitted. ASSESSMENT 2: Element 1 40% Task description Concept Scheme A. You are required to develop a ‘Reuse’ concept scheme based on derived information from your condition report on the given specified building. B. You will need to draw up the existing building plans showing all services, access etc. C. Design and develop a concept scheme in your log book. You will need to submit your log book or photocopied/scanned and printed pages from it. i. Photocopies or scans-printed out of all of your development pages from your log book are to be stapled together with a typed cover page displaying the following and submitted with an A1 board; 1. Student Name 2. Student number 3. Module Code 4. Module Name 5. Assessment title 6. Date of submission D. Prepare well drawn, professional proposed plans, elevations and some sections to explain your design. E. You will also need to draw 3D perspectives or your design for the client to understand. F. Professionally, visually express your concept scheme on 1x A2 board. G. Use photos, montages, 3D graphics to show how your property could be reused. technology Technical performance Integrated health and safety Sustainability •Build-ability Evidence of life-cycle costing and assessment Innovation Integration of fabric structures and services The Logbook Students must keep a logbook of all stages of the project development from brief to final presentation. This logbook must be pres

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