Data visualization expert needed for medical startup


Job Description

We are looking for someone to help us with a data viz project. We are a small startup, with limited resources, so looking for someone on Odesk for the time being. Our company collects daily information from patients living with a chronic illness, and then makes the record of their responses available for both them and care providers to use in assessing the effectiveness of their treatment plan. We have support for three question types: binary, qualitative, and quantitative. If you look at an example graph (attached) you can see that our current method of displaying data isn't ideal.

We need someone that has experience with thinking through usability of data, and can easily come up with multiple designs to get the ball rolling. We need the insights buried in the data to rise to the top very quickly, so users get the most from their efforts at tracking (patients) and monitoring (care providers).

The right freelancer will also ideally have an understanding of modern web browsers and outdated ones (we need to support IE8) and the constraints they may have with regards to graphics. Our application is responsive, so for the most part any charting should be easily reconfigured based on screen/browser window size.

Happy to answer any questions.

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