Create Vagrant + Puppet setup

Create Vagrant + Puppet setup


Job Description

Please only respond to this if you have experience with Vagrant and Puppet and able to finish this job.

To automate our deployment, we are looking for someone that is able to build a Vagrant and Puppet including manifests to install the following components.

- Ubuntu 13.10 - 64bit
- Patch system using apt-get
- NGINX incl. a pre-defined configurations file and IPv6 support
- OpenVPN incl. keys and configuration as a client
- MongoDB to run behind MongoS
- Python 2.7
- Python Virtual Env
- Install SSH keys on the machine
- Download source from pre-defined git repository
- Create virtual environment with python
- Install components from a requirements.txt file into virtual env
- Launch Gunicorn from virtual env
- Execute a simple firewall script (will come from us)

We would need the ability to start new machines on cloud services such as DigitalOcean using their API.