Looking to build a team of dependable web designers

Looking to build a team of dependable web designers


Job Description

I work with a nutraceutical company producing health supplements. I've spent months brainstorming on the idea of creating a better web-site to achieve a greater volume of E-Commerce. I went to school for web design and found very quickly I am much better at doing things in the material world, as my projects tends to be overrun with ideas for design that I get stuck on.

I want to start allotting a monthly amount of time to an individual to build a websites for me. If it all works out we can continue on to more of my project ideas. I have a product, way to produce it, good idea of it's value, and an incentive to sell it.

Would like to consult with you and share ideas as far as the direction and what short term goals should be for the project.

I have done several hours of SEO.. Found my competitors and have a notebook loaded with raw info and ideas for ways to create natural keywords and which keywords are the highest priority. Have a means to produce other supplements and can even change the labeling on the product to try and reach a target customer base.

Look forward to working with you,