Create Javascript Layer for Transactions

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Job Description

We would like a javascript library built that handles transactions to our payment gateway. This library should be completely driven from the client side in order to reduce the need for our merchant's to be PCI compliant on their website.

The contractor will be responsible for recreating the primary functions of our gateway into a self contained javascript library. The goal of the javascript will be to send transaction information to the payment gateway without payment information to retrieve a variable form url. That url can then be used to send the payment information to the gateway and receive a payment token. That payment token can then be submitted along with the full transaction form for final authorization. In addition to the basic transaction request, customer information requests should also be handled by this library. Any actual submission of sensitive payment information (Credit Card or ACH) needs to be sent through the Javascript library and not be submitted to the client server.

An advanced knowledge of javascript and ajax will be required to successfully complete this project. We have samples of this transaction flow in PHP, so a knowledge of PHP will be helpful in understanding our goals.

The documentation and sample for this API can be found at :

Applicants should include their familiarity with javascript, e-commerce and PCI compliance.