SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist


Job Description

My website is called: I made it myself on Weebly. I want to boost this page to first page of search results. I want more people to see my website.

Some keywords my users might search for are: makeup, make-up, cosmetics, bridal, bride, photography, hair, style, beauty, beautiful, wedding, event, prom, bachelorette, party, bar mitzvah, salon

Looking for people who:
1. You are confirming that you can get my website to the top search results (1st page) when people search for makeup services in Philadelphia, PA?
2. You are confirming that after you are done this service, that my website will stay at the top?
3. You are confirming that I will get much more traffic to my website?
4. You are confirming that you can increase my fan base on:, Instagram, and Twitter at @YOULALAstyle. Please give me as many fans as seems fit or possible.
5. You are confirming that you will start this immediately?
6. You are confirming that anything else you need to do to make my website appear on the first page of search results that I am missing here, you will do.

This is a fixed price job. $200.

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