Full Time Offshore System Admin

Full Time Offshore System Admin


Job Description

My company is planning to buy two Linux Servers from ISO 27001/27002 certified company. We need someone full time long term based person with security, networking and server management expertise to do the following:

1. Recommend a company and plan that will host our developed web sites in very secure environment and guaranteed up time of 99.9%

2. Make the servers ISO security compliance and help us achieve the ISO certification

3. Become part of of our I.T department and work remotely with I.T guy in our office to install or configure any hardware and software security tools required to access those online server through proper security gateways/firewalls etc.

4. Document the whole technical process of server security, network infrastructure protection and provide management guide lines to I.T guys to ensure 100% security and performance

5. Monitor the servers round the clock to keep it safe from hackers and intruders.

English language fluency is must.
We are in GMT+4 time zone and we need your availability in GMT+2 to GMT-10 time zone

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your background in Linux security and management.
2. Your achievements in network security and hack proofing.

In addition, please submit a portfolio of your work with strong references.

About the company

We are a online media marketing company in Middle East and do all kinds of online web applications.

Skills: linux