PHP developer for SuperSAAS Integration (XML)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


We're looking for a developer that has experience in PHP development and who know how to work with XML.

We use SuperSAAS ( for our appointments, and we have a Wordpress site.

We would need to have some programming done, to enable us to see certain statistics and lists from the database (by using the API that is offered).

We're not looking at a huge job, we need to have a page that will give us a few statistics (between certain dates etc). For example we would need to put in a few variables (username, password, startdate and enddate), and the will be an XML file. The content of this file should then be presented in a nice way (columns, sorting)

Required Skills: PHP (XML)
Keywords: Web Programming, PHP
Strong advantage: Supersaas experience.