Co-Founder/Business Partner required

Co-Founder/Business Partner required


Job Description

we are looking to launch and market our new online freelance marketplace website in Europe, middle east and brazil , usa,

Interested people can come with Business and Marketing plan.

This business plan is to assist with 3 areas:
1- to help us understand the business potential of this venture

2- to help us outline the core functions so that a systems architect can develop the systems which will drive the business

3- to help us promote the concept to a private funding group which could inject money to speed up the execution of the concept

- Native English/Regional language speaking from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines or similar
- Must be well written and able to produce all the necessary components of the business plan (narrative, market research, balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit & loss, breakeven analysis, ROI, etc…).
- Must be professional, detailed, punctual, have integrity and good communication skills.
- Software knowledge – Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

More details to be released upon signing of an NDA.