Export date from Web site

Export date from Web site


Job Description

I'm grald to consult our problem,
We need an ansewer to tough problem.

**We would like to export the data from any kind of website that include never management by ourselves.

- Item info ( Desctription, price, picture, in stock or out of stock, other details)
- More than 10,000 items
- Frequently-updated
- We try to updated on Ebay and Amazon using this data, so we appreciated you know how to import date to Ebay and Amazon using CVS data.

Our problem:
We want to know the item information from outside world with frequency.
The market is always quick in movement,however we couldn't check the all information by clicking website. So, we need the expert who export the date from other web site at ease, in frequently.

We don't need the person who just ask us " What kind of job you need, please tell in detail?" "Please discuss it in meeting."and so on..
We need the person who understood what I wrote down and exactlly know how to solve the problem.

This time we seek the person for Fixed Price, however you have good skill, we'll try to hire hourly worker.

Thank you very much for your attention.
I would be grateful if you could copperate with us!!

Best regards,

Skills: data-conversion, amazon, import