Salesforce Consultant/Expert


Job Description

The following is the list of items we want:

1. Customize the settings (lead origin, tasks, names of items in the drop downs, etc.. to accommodate our current needs and train us how to customize them in the future.
2. Help set up about ten different reports and create dashboards to enable the data to be easily and regularly viewed from those reports on a daily basis. The ten reports are as follows: Closed Won by Month, Pipeline by Close Date & Stage, Pipeline As-At Trend, Pipeline by Created Date, Opportunity Stage Movement, Opportunity Conversion Ratio, Completed Activities, Sales Performance VS Target, ROI by Lead Origin, Closed Won by Touch.
3. Once the reports are set up, train the sales people to assure they are correctly processing their activities to ensure key information and details are actively being chosen and collected - so that the reports work accurately.
4. Assist in getting Outlook and Sales Force to play nice. Currently they are not friends.
5. Assist in getting Constant Contact and Sales Force to play nice.
6. Assist the sales people with creating templates in Sales Force so that their work flow is aided and more easily traced. We have the letters written, but the sales people currently go back and forth between Word, Outlook, Linkedin and Sales Force - using Sales Force to track their activities.
7. Once you have a handle on our needs and our processes, assist us in considering which, if any, Sales Force apps or other software migrations or catalysts might be valuable for improving on our overall process.