Programmer Needed to Create Cost-Distribution Platform for Travel Company

Programmer Needed to Create Cost-Distribution Platform for Travel Company


Job Description

What's needed is this; a system that works much like an insurance schematic.

Multiple users put in a monthly contribution to a contribution pool, and then when the need arises they can submit a request to an automated calculator that calculates their eligibility based on several factors, such as contributions, tenure, their time slot (each user has a specific time during each month that they are allowed to make use of the contributions in the pool.), and their contributions usage cap.

I will need a seamless approval system that calculates eligibility using the above stated parameters, and it will also need to have user profiles that act as a sort of back office for the user to track their usage, payments, and history. I also would like to be able to view and modify these profiles in order to use it as a sort of CRM. And lastly(for now), I will need it to have the same design style as my current website, I don't care how complicated the system itself is, the user/customer should never be exposed to that part of it as my company needs to maintain its simplicity.

I also do not want to have to spend a lot of time maintaining this system. Please do not make this something that I have to constantly maintain unless it's absolutely necessary. I would like to be largely automated, and self-contained.

I know this proposes a very complicated project, but if you are interested please contact me. (Not all skills listed below will be required-just covering all the bases) We will work together to build this on a pay-as-you-go basis, so consider this as more of a side project. A lot of tweaking will be required, so please contact me if you need more info.

Looking forward to working with you!
Zack Stoops/Fliere