Customer Support

Customer Support


Job Description

Must be Nigerian.

Our company has a weekly air consolidation of cargo from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria. We post our rates, forms, etc on our websites, but the majority of Nigerians will not read all of the information, but will rather, attempt an international telephone call where due to the poor telephone line quality and thick accent, we cannot understand what they are saying.

We need someone to whom we can direct these calls and email inquiries for prompt response, to include calling them back in Lagos and in some cases the United States.

Our process is not that complicated, but we have many first time customers that need to be personally talked through the forms by someone that is familiar with their "cultural idiosyncrasies" that we have found to frustrate non-Nigerian customer service personnel.

We also have various web design and marketing projects specific to Nigeria that would come into play for the proper candidate.

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