SEO Project for few Tech Companies

SEO Project for few Tech Companies


Job Description

We are seeking a "Highly Qualified" SEO consultants with extensive background on all aspects of Branding, Marketing, SEO to "perform and manage" 1-3 either newly launched or soon to be launched businesses. Please be detailed regarding what aspects of the SEO you can perform and explain what part of SEO process you intent to outsource to other professionals here on Odesk or other sources.

We will diligently review and understand the proposal. Meaning, we need details as to what it will take to get the job done with time lines and budgeting.

What will be your cost and what will you be offering for that cost?
Will you be handling all aspects of the project from A-Z?
Do you intend to outsource any part to other sources?

You will be asked for a proposal and game plan which will have to outline a budget and how its allocated to get the job done.

This is a full time position ranging from 1-6 months handling 1-3 different web sites and working closely with Web Developer and Content Writers. Length of this contract will depend on quality of work & results. Any past work and proof would be a plus. We will require a proposal and milestones prior to fully committing to the chosen applicant.

Here are a few keywords that will be utilized for these campaigns:

Call Tracking
Call Monitoring
Mortgage CRM
Call Recording

Please submit your interest with any information or past projects that may be relative to this project and verticals related to the keywords mentioned above.