Assisted Image Rotoscoping, Part1 (C++, Image Processing))

Assisted Image Rotoscoping, Part1 (C++, Image Processing))


Job Description

Rotoscoping is a technique to separate foreground objects from their background.

For example Adobe After Effects has an auto-roto feature:

The algorithm should be able to find a raw separation contour given an area as hint like shown in the video.

We will refine the algorithmus (gradient contour) in a second job.

OSX app would be nice, but I also accept crossplatform code, maybe using GLUT.

A most basic app showing a test image frame of an actor. Drawing a hinting curve with the mouse should find and mark the best separation contour.
A rotoscoped new image then will be generated.
The app needs a toolbar for the most basic commands:
reset image, delete hints, generate output.
SourceCode of algorithm in C++, sources for App prefered in Objective-C.

Candidates without OSX can deliver a crossplatform source code in C++, I
will compile it on my side. OpenCV can be used.

Changed: 2013-02-11
Focus is on the algorithm implementation. We might give you the sources for a basic app, written in Objective-C, if you are on OSX.

Skills: test, drawing