Modify existing & Create new Drupal modules

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


-Portfolio of past completed work for submission prior to acceptance
-Experience in unit tests, Drupal unit tests
-2-3 Years Drupal experience
-Senior Drupal Developer
-Git repository management
-(Jira-atlassian) Agile Project Management

What is the business?

It is a website based first and foremost on reports (of a recreational nature). Expert contacts in the industry post reports that are admin moderated and submitted frequently, consistently and of high quality. As well the business aims to provide a platform for users to interact and share like talk about their posts, success and personal anecdotes.

Job Specifications

-You will be creating drupal modules and building on existing modules.
-The main theme being integration of social media platforms ie: User “I want to login to this website using my facebook” as well as building the ability to like a share photos posts and reports.
-You will also be committing daily to a global git repository.
-If and once you accept the requirements will be more specified and extensive but most importantly clear and easy to understand.

- All work must be defined by acceptance criteria
- All changes must have supporting unit tests
- All work must be completed on an isolated branch
- All work must be reviewed by one or more developers
- All work must be in a successful build before being merged
- All work must have automated functional tests

Price: $2500

Time (to be allocated): 1 Month depending on a multitude of factors may be ongoing.