Revamp Website for Charity Community Centre

Revamp Website for Charity Community Centre


Job Description

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This is a Charity Community Centre in Malaysia, actively in Klang Valley. The prospect would like to totally revamp the entire site and create a database. IT is 2 different functions however I would like to keep it on the same site.
1. Website
As a charity organisation, they have various groups that work individually on their different activities. The purpose of the re-vamp is to ensure the site provides up to date information on their weekly / monthly activity. As per what I’ve absorbed an understand, they would like to have a clean and simple look of the entire site where consumers can view what the community center is about and to check on their schedule on what is being organised easily, time to time there will be updates for the activities with pictures or video’s which needs to be on site. They would also like to have more traffic and I’ve suggested adding in social media plugins, which can be used effectively. It sounds like a simple informative site, the complexity or challenge here is to create a clean site with updated calendar and updates posted clearly indicating different activities within this community. The public also has the ability to skim through necessary update that they require rather than viewing all.
Summary of requirement:
1. Revamp of site, to have clean and simple outlook
2. Easily update new posts with pictures or videos
3. Calendars which can help in allowing people to identify key activities happening
4. Social media sharing easily on pages / events / posts
5. Updating the widget / functions to ensure clutter free site.
6. A contact us (incorporating the Volunteer Application Form - VAF
7. Please refer the organisation flowchart above
2. Database
Database here is separated into 2 main groups, Donor and Volunteer, under both of these will have different categories of people and what activity would they like to contribute or help On the database end, I would like to see what are the opportunities we can work and target to perform or do. The user would like the registration and upon and do specific search in terms of age / target activities and such. With this sorting / finding system, the users will benefit a lot from writing manually. Currently there’s about 1000 ~ 3000 people / contributors and helpers. This user would like to have several features implemented
Summary of requirement:
1. Build a database side by side with the website job
2. Different logins
3. The search must be strong and able to pinpoint specific target groups
4. Filtering system for database
5. Email blasting to customers upon selecting the correct people or target group. This is one of the key functions. To be able to do regular email blasting.
6. The database need to incorporate everything in the VAF + a few more “fields” as well as a page to input “journal” for each contact/person.
7. Design email marketing campaign for donors and volunteers engagement
8. Allow periodic backup of contact database

1. Pls read through the below items and reply me according to the number, i would like all bidders to actually digest and think what they can provide before spamming me with i can do promises. Answer [Agree or Not Agree]
2. This is a charity community site, within Klang Valley area in Malaysia
3. Kindly list through your portfolio of RELATED field, not any site of your portfolio or EXAMPLES that you see that are good. - ONLY RELATED SITES
4. I've received this job, however i'm not familiar on the database field, so i need your help to advise me what do you need to know in order to advise you more or help you understand more to work hand in hand
5. Would like to have an amazing design and implement for the site.
6. Kindly propose to me your solution on how to work with this 2 main requirement. Website + Database
7. What was your Lunch yesterday ? :)

Please do not hesitate to come back to me with any questions and maybe the potential cost for this product.

Thank you very much for your time to read until this part.