Real Estate VA

Real Estate VA


Job Description

Multi-tasking, real estate oriented virtual assistant position to report directly to CEO and/or supervisor of a fast-paced, high growth lease investment firm in Oklahoma, USA. Although this position will have a Sales focus, candidate will handle all other VA related duties.

Ideal candidate will train on a wide variety of systems, processes, and roles remaining passionate about client, tenant, vendor, and CEO needs, able to work autonomously with adequate direction, and technically savvy in the major software packages, but especially comfortable in creating and manipulation of spreadsheets and accounting software. Sales experience is a major plus. Buildium or other real estate cloud management software experience is a major plus. Willingness to train and/or work under the direct supervision of other virtual assistants is necessary.

Reporting, book-keeping, data entry, scheduling, coordinating, researching, activity logging, marketing, email, listing, photo mounting, and record keeping routinely expected. All tasks expected to operate within business protocols, which may change with business needs.

Solid English writing and speaking skills are essential.

Please apply only with a detailed cover letter which clearly and briefly outlines your qualification, skills, and work experience. This position is temporary to permanent, based on performance and business needs. Hours Approved and Pay increases subject to results, return on investment, level of support required, and special project duties assigned. Positive ID, Criminal Clearance Document, and Agreement to Confidentiality are all required. Candidates must have or acquire Microsoft Office, high-speed internet with speeds at 1.5Mbps or better, a USB Headset, and an Android or iPhone with Wireless Data Plan. Staff members are expected to remain accessible wirelessly through their smartphone by voice, text, and/or email.

Compensation Protocol
> $2/hr Starting Pay for Real Estate VA
> $0.25/hr Target Raise for Wireless Data Plan
> $0.25/hr Target Raise for Performance Merit (VA must maintain results to keep this raise)
> $0.25/hr Target Raise Twice per Year, in March and September
> $0.25/hr Target Raise for Additional Title of Trainer
> $0.50/hr Target Raise for Promotion to Senior Real Real Estate VA (VA Qualifies after 1 year)
> $0.50/hr Target Raise for Promotion to Executive Real Estate VA (VA Qualifies after 2 years)
> $1.00/hr Target Raise for Promotion to Real Estate Team Leader
> $18 Transaction Bonus per Lead/Prospect/Collection Won, split if multiple VAs handle the same Lead/Prospect
> $?? Discretionary Performance Bonus may be Awarded upon Satisfactory Business Results
> Bonuses will be Paid Twice per Year, in March and September; Transaction Bonuses otherwise payable to Terminated Staff may be redistributed to Active Staff.
> Raises, bonuses, and pay are not guaranteed, and subject to staff performance, business performance, and economic conditions. Targets are subject to change at anytime.
> Independent Contractors Only - No Agencies

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