Sales Support


Job Description

I would need tasks like this organized and managed

1. After we do some online marketing and post card campaigns, Take some basic incoming and outgoing calls, answer basic questions, gather basic data, refer the client to a recorded call and web site. Then follow up in a few days to see if they listened to the call or watched the video. Perhaps email some follow up info.

2. Send us a spreadsheet of all who inquired for info. We will mail out a package from the US to the client (most in US and elsewhere). May even call them back to see if they got the package and watched a video or listened to a call. Based on their feedback, refer them to a love call or to ME to call and make a closing appointment.

I don't want to talk to them, or even deal with email until they have been through a few steps and had some contact from the VA, and have effectively show interest in going forward.

Leads will come though this site and be auto emailed to the VA.
This site lead capture site leads to the full video site below.

They are mostly watching a video on this program

Please give me some kind of idea about pricing, and capability.

T.J. Marrs 503-512-9856 skype: tjmarrs

Best tie is 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time (US)