Academic Article in English to Correct

Academic Article in English to Correct


Job Description

6,677 words in god-awful English which need to shine. The text is academic, and the title is "Context-Aware Autonomic Inference Machine for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Here is an example:
Abstract—This work proposes a distributed autonomic inference machine (DAIM) which increases the semantic level of context information produced by wireless sensor networks (WSN) while it saves WSN energy. We have applied the paradigm of Autonomic Computing and fuzzy logic to make sensor nodes themselves manage their sensing and messages disseminating rates as well minimizing the amount of redundant information dispatched to environment monitoring system. In our case study, we also have employed fuzzy logic in each sensor node to WSN infers fire risk based on local and neighborhood temperature and relative humidity sensors. DAIM is implemented in nesC language to MICAz motes to be compared with an autonomic sensor element which does the WSN self-configuration using crisp rules and a distributed application framework which aggregates context information with fuzzy logic. Experimental tests have shown that DAIM reduces in 48.8% the number of messages sent to environment system without starvation. DAIM also saves 19.5% of WSN energy. DAIM has been tested with the authentication resources of the TinySec framework and this version saves 11.3% of WSN energy.

Must be done by 08/02/2013 Friday at 23:59.

300 dollars paid.

Skills: english, wireless