Making a website mobile compatible


Job Description

Hello my name is Ruben Mojica & I have recently become partners with Muvoi. Muvoi is an independent clothing brand that was started back in '09. Now my goal is to finish what the guys didn't. However in this day and age, mobile platforms have taken OVER, as well as social media. So in order to 1. Make the site easily accessible via mobile phones/social networks. and 2. Attract the right clientele. I will need this job to be completed.

Now I do have a friend who does web design for Guggenheim & she reccommended this site to me. However we don't have the same budget to say the least hah. So I'm looking for the simplest job, at a reasonable price. Or some advice would be suffice as well. As I am new to the field, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day!