Drupal View/Geofield developer

Drupal View/Geofield developer


Job Description

I need a simple but custom Drupal 7 module that can accomplish two things. This is the test project for the larger Drupal development contact.

First: Create entity relationship between nodes if one (node with points) intersects another (node with polygons). This should occur and update on node create, node modify, and node delete for both types of nodes.

It may also be necessary to create a batch run process that can update all/segment of nodes on a cron / scheduled cron run.

Second: Provides a View filter for identifying nodes that intersect, or do not intersect, with other nodes.

Content type one: Nodes with point(s)
Content type two: Nodes with polygon(s)

Depending on configuration... The views should be able to display a list, or openlayers map, of the points which either intersect or do not intersect.

Performance is critical -