Create On-Line Course Test Questions

Create On-Line Course Test Questions


Job Description

We have three corporate training programs and we train facilitators to lead the three programs. After the training is complete we would like to have each facilitator complete an on-line test.

The test would be multiple choice with two or three options for each questions.

We are wondering if it is possible to have you read the Participant Journal and from those create test questions.

I am attaching a small portion of the material from a workshop called Feedback Conversations.

Please create a sample to show me what you would do. I have attached the first pages from the Participant Journal for you to read and create sample question(s). The best section is on Positive Feedback.

If it works out then I will ask you to write test questions for all three programs. Two of the programs are one day long and the other one is two days.

We will provide you with the Participant Journals and the Facilitator Guidebooks when it comes time to start the assignment.

If you wish to learn more about us, visit

I hope this would be an enjoyable assignment.

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